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What Our People Say

"With a career in recruitment since 1999, I’ve experienced international markets, a range of business ethics and worked across many industry sectors. When I first heard of the Ensure Recruitment proposition I was genuinely excited by the prospect of taking something to the market that our market wants and needs – specialisation. Specialisation for us means a sole focus on Insurance and each consultant knowing their niche within this like no other. Our strategy understands the importance of candidates and importantly strives to know who they are, where they work, what they’re seeking and when they want it. There’s a great deal of investment that goes in behind the scenes which makes this a reality and I gain a sense of fulfilment knowing I am truly a specialist in my sector. Ethics and integrity are critical to success and I was particularly drawn to the values, knowledge and successes achieved by Paul Murphy (MD), and the team, in setting up this business. There is a creative, commercial and entrepreneurial spirit that enables quick yet robust decisions and all this is backed by an ASX listed business, providing assurance that Ensure Recruitment in NZ is an investment that is here for the long haul." - Hamish McDonald

" I joined Ensure in September 2014, after nearly 5 years in recruitment working in large international recruitment agencies. I chose Ensure for its reputation in the market but also its approach on recruitment and specialising in the industries it does. After working in these industries for sometime, but also working as a generalist, Ensure was able to provide the specialist recruitment ideology I feel is what the market needs.

After being here the time I have and seeing the client and candidate relationships that Ensure has developed I know I made the right choice. The culture of the company and the staff Australia wide has mirrored what I was looking for in an employer and is proven by the relationships it has with the clients. This is why Ensure is a marketing leader in Life Insurance and will stay a market leader. At the end of the day we not only work for Ensure Recruitment – we become part of our client's company and work alongside them to fulfil their recruitment needs." - Tania Kuiti 

"After almost 8 years of experience within generalist agency recruitment, I was really craving an opportunity to specialise in one particular area. In 2012, I was offered the opportunity to manage the Suncorp Insurance account. This really ignited my interested within Insurance and Superannuation. After developing some long standing professional relationships within the Brisbane market, I eventually pursued a career-path within Insurance recruitment and began to investigate opportunities within a specialist agency in Brisbane. I was quite surprised to find Ensure Recruitment was ‘leading the pack’ with a refreshing, consultative approach to recruitment with the backing of industry professionals. At Ensure Recruitment, I’m quickly building the foundation of becoming a leader in the Temporary Insurance Claims space and a role I thoroughly enjoy." - Peter Mailer

"I joined Ensure recruitment because of its brand and positioning in the life market. Over the past few years I had witnessed the growth of Ensure from afar.  To the point where it’s strength of brand, and market share were synonymous with a true market leader. However it’s the down to earth, collaborative, professional, reliable and ethical values that resonate at the end of the day.

Collaboration > Expert > Virtuous > Accountable – these are not just our values on paper. The team lives and breathes these values, which is pretty rare and so very reassuring at the end of the day.

I joined Ensure because of all of the above and am so very pleased that I did as the journey may have just begun but it’s been phenomenal, the team  are fabulous and I truly cannot wait to see where this takes me." - Shinead Coleman

"Having had 10 years' recruitment experience my decision to join at new recruitment company was well considered. My decision was based on market reputation, culture, PSA’s and client relationship focus. I was immediately impressed with the number of PSA’s Ensure was on and the reputation they had in the market (I spoke to one of my key clients in my previous role who gave Ensure a glowing reference). However ultimately my decision to join a company always comes down to the culture and having a long-term client relationship focus with clients. My decision to join Ensure was an easy one and I am continually impressed by the positive feedback we receive from candidates and clients which I feel is indicative of our approach to the market and the culture we promote!" - Marc Lander

"I chose to join Ensure in July 2014; coming from the UK it was important for me to join an experienced, knowledgeable team.  It was an exciting opportunity to join a well established agency and to feel I could also add something to Ensure, the Candidates and Clients. The deep specialisation also attracted me as it allowed me to focus on one area and learn more about that market.

It quickly became apparent how well positioned within the Life Insurance market Ensure are and building on and maintaining the already strong relationships we have in place with our Clients is one of the reasons I enjoy working here; it is a refreshing change to the “selling culture” that is so often found within recruitment." - Jade Lough

"I spent the past three years as a senior consultant at another successful recruitment company in Hong Kong.  After constantly asking myself where can I achieve higher and working with the true professionals, I discovered Ensure!  Among thousands of recruitment companies, it is so rare to find one that is truly committed into this industry and keeps pushing the game to another level.  On top of this, Ensure also offers:

  • A fantastic company culture and has a group of experienced recruiters where we can really be accountable on each other whilst running our business relatively independently.

  • A great reputation in the insurance market which makes our job much easier.

  • An amazing leader, Paul is probably the most humble MD I have ever met in the industry. Always leads by example, is diligent and offers an intense self-awareness from a position of other-centeredness.

If a company has candidates regularly telling you how much they love your service and spending personal time to vote for you, it is a company I know I would love to work for. Ensure is already big and successful, but together we are going to be bigger and faster." - Nicole Zhang

"The recruitment industry continues to evolve at a rapid rate and in recent times, the most successful recruitment companies are those who are constantly adapting and finding innovative ways of sourcing key talent for their clients. In addition, market reputation plays a key role in attracting candidates who want to partner with specialist industry Consultants who understand their background and the market environment.

The Ensure Recruitment brand stood out for me as a market leader with deep client relationships and a successful track record of repeat business based on results. Equally, candidates more than ever gravitate to an industry leader such as Ensure Recruitment to access the best opportunities in the market. The leadership, people and culture of Ensure Recruitment was also a draw card for me, all of which contributes to the overall success of Ensure Recruitment." -  Paul O'Brien

"Having worked for a competitor recruiting roles in the Insurance industry, and speaking to clients and candidates, I knew what a great brand Ensure had in the market. So, when an opportunity arose to join the business, I knew I would be working for a highly respected and trusted market leader. I also worked for another Rubicor brand previously and knew of the excellent reputation and proven track record of Paul and the whole business, so it was a no-brainer for me when I heard Paul was interested in having a chat! However, the main reason I chose to join Ensure was the opportunity to grow the General Insurance and Broking practice on a national basis to complement the phenomenal Life Insurance, Workers Comp and Super businesses! Finally, the opportunity to work with some great people in a high performance yet fun environment sealed the decision for me!" - John Whealans

"Having watched the business grow over the past 6 years, my choice to join this forward looking and entrepreneurial organisation was both appealing and simple. I have had the privilege of working with key members of the team previously, and as such I have been exposed to their clear, honest approach to truly partnering with clients to genuinely add value to their selection process and as a result the growth and success of their business.

As a business there is a clear focus on the success of the team through individual contribution; team development and personal growth. While driving significant growth internationally, Ensure still maintains the ability to have a nimble, tailored approach to working with our partners. The advantages of being associated with this brand are second to none, professionally we are recognised as a business that operates with high moral integrity and a transparent approach. Clients and candidates alike trust our consultants to guide their next career step. As a team, we support each other both locally and across the different branches; there is a real sense of team here at Ensure.

I would highly recommend joining our team of talented professionals – you will be part of a high performing team with a genuine sense of fun and fair play." - Kelly Puttock

Former Employees

"It's my last day before transferring internally to Xpand. I can honestly say that 4 years with Ensure have been the best in my recruitment career, from all perspectives. Everyone has been wonderful to work with and I am very proud to be able to have Ensure Recruitment on my resume! In 2011 I joined Ensure because it was a high performing business and I wanted to work for the best. What I didn’t expect was such a fabulous working environment, wonderful colleagues and some of the best memories I have (at work of course!). Rubicor as a whole is a terrific business to be a part of and I am looking forward to remaining your colleague, just with a different business card. Good luck for the future, I am sure I will see most of you again." - Mark Russell

"As you all know it’s my last day with Ensure and I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for everything. This is without a doubt the most amazing, warm and welcoming team I’ve had the good fortune to work with and I will greatly miss the daily banter. But I promise not to be far and I will definitely stay in touch. I’d also like to give an extra big thank you to Paul, John and Osh for all the time and effort you have given me. I appreciate every bit. And of course, I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy (not to hungover) New Year! "-  Rebecca Prakasham

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